Throwback to the Greatest Quarterback Duel – Eli Manning vs. Drew Brees

May 29, 2020 9:59 pm

The Saints vs. Giants game at the beginning of November 2015 went down in history as one of the greatest battles of all time. Giants’ Eli Manning and Saints’ Drew Brees could not have done better jobs as quarterbacks. The match was one you would never forget.

A Throwback We Love

Earlier, on Friday, the League decided to throwback to the game by tweeting a video of all the touchdowns scored that night. Between the two of them, Brees and Manning scored a record-setting 13 touchdown passes.

The New Orleans Saints went on defeat the New York Giants by 52-49. Both teams put up a high scoring and high adrenaline show. “I have never been a part of something like that”, the triumphant quarterback said. “We were just in the flow of the game”, he added. Upon reflection, the game was rather crazy with so many points on the board and yards.

The Brees and the Manning families have grown close since Drew Brees arrived in New Orleans more than a decade ago. The two families lived (or still live) in the same neighborhood and Drew shares a bond with Eli Manning’s father, Archie Manning. Archie once played quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Both Eli and Drew are considered among NFL’s elite quarterbacks. While Manning has 366 career touchdown passes and 57,023 passing yards, Brees has 547 touchdowns and 77,416 yards. However, in light of Manning’s retirement this season, Brees couldn’t keep himself from complimenting Manning. “You cannot write the story of the NFL without including Eli Manning”, Brees said. “With all that he was able to accomplish, he was so much a part of their success there… I think his next chapter could be even better than this last one.

Brees made the news recently when the Saints’ new recruit, Jameis Winston shared how excited he is to be able to learn from the NFL’s greats. The quarterback moved from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is currently the Saints’ #2 choice. “I actually have a Hall of Fame quarterback that I’m learning from opposed to trying to learn by myself, or use Google”, Winston commented, per NOLA News’ Amie Just.

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