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NFL Analyst Claims Bill Belichick Trying to Recreate Tom Brady Magic at 2022 NFL Draft With ‘Weirdest 1st/2nd Round Picks’

Published 04/30/2022, 4:55 PM EDT

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While the first round of the NFL draft was full of surprises, the Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick also made some strange choices for the team. It seems Belichick is trying to recreate many more Tom Brady’s for the future by making out-of-the-box selections.

However, Skip Bayless is unsure if the Patriots can pull out significant achievements with such players.


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When Tom Brady got selected in the 2000 NFL draft, no one would have thought that he would take the team to such great heights. Despite being a 199th overall pick, Brady won Six Super Bowl titles for the team. Similarly, Belichick was trying to amuse fans with an unexpected move in the first and the second round of this year’s draft.

An unexpected first and second-round pick by Bill Belichick

On Thursday, the New England Patriots traded the 21st overall selection to the Chiefs for No. 29 in Round 1. With the trade, they also earned third and fourth-round picks at No. 94 and No. 121, respectively. But the New England Patriots surprised their fans by making a strange choice and went after the former University of Tennessee-Chattanooga offensive lineman Cole Strange with the 29th overall pick.

Drafting little-known prospects from a smaller team in the first round itself was a high-risk move by the Patriots. Well, this is not the first time for Belichick-led teams to carve out gems from such players. Moreover, in the second round, Baylor’s wide receiver Tyquan Thornton was drafted 50th overall.


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Belichick justified his choices later the same day. “We felt like that was a good — a guy that fits well — Cole fits well into our team and our system,” Belichick said of Strange, via team transcript.

“Think he’s a good player. He’s a pretty athletic guy with good size, and smart. He does a lot of things, has a lot of good tools to work with, he’s got a long way to go like every player does, but look forward to working with him.” Belichick added to his statements.


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During his freshman year for the Tennessee-Chattanooga Mocs, Strange played the starting role. He has an ample amount of experience leading the team to his senior season. However, Skip Bayless from the UNDISPUTED is skeptical about the choices, Belichick had made and strongly criticized the move on Twitter.

What does Skip Bayless have to say?

Taking to Twitter, Skip Bayless vented his thoughts on the matter. “Bill Belichick has made the two weirdest 1st/2nd round picks I can ever remember in an NFL Draft – two bizarre reaches. Brady MADE Belichick, who is now desperately trying to recreate his “genius” without Brady.” Bayless wrote.


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Well, not to mention, Belichick was the same person who trusted a young Tom Brady in 2000. However, the person who brought the Patriots to the next level seems apparent these days.


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For the past few years, it has been a matter of debate among the fans. One thing is for sure, the Brady-Belichick combination was quite successful for the team, and the time will let us know, how much these recent choices by the coach prove fruitful for the franchise.



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