“It’s the Eagles Which Make Me Cringe, Not the Falcons” – Tom Brady Throws a Shot at Philadelphia Eagles

May 28, 2020 12:39 am

Sunday’s “The Match: Champions for Charity” saw some fun moments alongside golf. Buccaneers‘ Quarterback, Tom Brady paired up with Phil Mickelson and played against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods. One of the very few live broadcasts of late, this was certainly something a sports fan shouldn’t miss.

Brady played some brilliant shots, but more terrible ones to eventually lose to Woods and Manning. $100,000 were offered for Tom to just make a par. It was the usual rivalry for Manning and Brady. Theirs is still considered the greatest rivalry in NFL history.

Peyton began to psych Tom out in the driving range itself. He recalled the Tampa Bay Quarterback’s Super Bowl failures as they warmed up. “It’s hard to get to him. Do you bring Eli [to caddie]?”, said Manning. He was referring to his younger brother who was Quarterback for the New York Giants and defeated Brady’s Patriots twice in Super Bowls. Manning’s, “Do you bring Nick Foles?” quickly caught Brady’s attention.

Tom Brady Still Hasn’t Gotten Over His Most Recent Super Bowl Loss

It has been over two years since the Patriots played against the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII. And despite having won six rings and being the best quarterback of all time, Tom Brady still isn’t over the 41-33 loss to the Eagles. “It’s the Eagles that I cringe, bro, not the Falcons.

Well there isn’t much reason for the Quarterback to cringe over Falcons now, is there? Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI to clinch the title to the 2016 season. While the fans were probably hurt listening to Tom’s trash talk, Taylor Gabriel didn’t mind it.

Say what you will about Brady, but he takes jokes in the right spirit.

The Match was an entertaining one and certainly helped many fans cope with quarantine blues. It also made up for the lack of sports in the last few months. Between the four of them, the champions raised a total of $20 million which for COVID-19 relief funds.


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