There is something that intimidates even the NFL legend, Tom Brady. As soon he will be involved in sports media, Brady opened up about his feeling regarding the experience. Brady mentioned that being on camera is more challenging because it involves an instant act. As the $375 Million deal makes him worried about on and off-camera differences, there is something that Brady is worried about before taking up the role.

The former quarterback has earned nearly $500 million in his NFL career and has secured his post-playing future with a stunning deal. However, he revealed something that keeps him up and scared.

Brady’s fear of One Take in Live Sports Broadcasting


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In live sports broadcasting, there is usually only one chance to get it right. If something goes wrong, there are no do-overs. Well, that’s Tom Brady’s logic of fear nowadays.

Brady acknowledged, “I will be involved in sports media. Certainly, on camera, it’s more challenging because you’re performing and I think there’s a little different than Sports.”

Soon Brady starting his broadcasting career, and he will be working on live TV. “In sports, we get one take. At the end of the day if it goes wrong, it goes wrong,” he added.

Per Brady, there won’t be much room for mistakes, “I think when I get into broadcasting next year, that’s live TV. So, there’s not much opportunity to make a mistake, then if you make it you got to live with It.”

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However, he sees this as part of life’s challenges. Making mistakes is a natural part of learning and growing. Now it’s seeming to be a new challenge or the opportunity to learn from any mistakes Tom Brady might make, and improve as a broadcaster.


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Lead NFL Analyst, Tom Brady

Not slowing down anytime soon, the seven-time Super Bowl champion has already made a fortune in his 23-year NFL career and has landed a lucrative deal for his next chapter. Fox Sports revealed that Brady will become their lead NFL analyst and a brand ambassador once he hangs up his cleats, which he plans to do after one more season. The 10-year agreement, valued at $375 million, is the largest and most expensive contract of his professional life and sets a new record for sports analysts.

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Brady, who also runs successful ventures in fitness and NFTs, will earn more money as an analyst than as a player and will rank eighth among the highest-paid NFL players based on average annual value, surpassing Kirk Cousin’s $35 million salary.


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