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Tom Brady’s “Whole Different Level” of Work Ethic Still Blows the Mind of Former Teammate Turned NFL HC

Published 12/21/2022, 2:00 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16. They will try to win the game and keep their playoff hopes alive. Fans will see a disciplined Tom Brady take on the team coached by his former New England Patriots teammate. The head coach of the Redbirds acknowledged TB12’s greatness and was in awe of his insane work ethic. 

The New England Patriots acquired Kingsbury as a sixth-round pick in 2003. However, he did not play as a rookie. As a result, the team set him free in 2004. After the Cardinals said their goodbyes to Steve Wilks, they hired the 43-year-old as their head coach on January 8, 2019. Before that, he also coached at Texas Tech from 2013 to 2018. The now-coach will face the GOAT of the NFL on Sunday. Before the game, he has some affirming words for the star QB. 

Kingsbury blew up by the way Tom Brady prioritizes his work


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The former Saints QB revealed that when he was a player, he couldn’t totally commit to the as well as Brady could. He said that Tampa Tom’s zealous work ethic sets him apart from the other quarterbacks in the league. 


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“The total commitment, lifestyle, sleep, eat, study, work that he’s put into that, it’s insane,” Kingsbury said. “When I got there, I thought I worked hard, then I watched what he did and put into it and it was on a whole different level. There’s a reason he’s the best there ever was.”


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USA Today via Reuters

Kingsbury also said he could have been a better player if he had approached games like the seven-time Super Bowl-winning QB.


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Brady took accountability for his team’s subpar performance

Taking accountability is also a part of a great work ethic. And since Tommy is the personified image of that, he took the blame on him for his team’s brutal loss against the Cincys

It was a bitter day because the Bucs had a 14-point lead against the defending AFC champions. But Tampa Bay fell apart and let them score 31 points in a 34-23 matchup. On his ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast, Tom Brady revealed how morose he felt for not saving the game. “And obviously woke up at 3:00 a.m. (Monday) morning just trying to figure out, you know, I just had some real sh*tty plays [Sunday] at the end of the day. So you can’t win when the quarterback turns it over four times. And that’s on me. So that’s how I feel.”


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Fans will expect their star QB to amp up and deliver some wins on Sunday.

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