Tom Brady’s Favorite Target Rob Gronkowski Drops Massive Hint On His Future With The Bucs

Published 04/22/2022, 5:30 PM EDT
NFL Football – Super Bowl LV – Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Kansas City Chiefs – Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, U.S. – February 7, 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Rob Gronkowski celebrates scoring their first touchdown with Tom Brady REUTERS/Eve Edelheit

The last two years have gone well for all the Buccaneers fans worldwide. The arrival of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in 2020 made them a strong contender for the Super Bowl. Unsurprisingly, the duo led the Bucs to their first Super Bowl win since 2003. Notably, it was only the second-ever Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Last season, they were once again among the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, they were not fully ready to face a loaded Rams team due to injuries around their roster and the whole Antonio Brown saga.


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Their run ended in the NFC Divisional Round game. And many predicted that it was the end of Tom Brady’s career in the NFL. Tom Brady did announce his retirement, but he is back again to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season.

Due to Brady’s return, many players who would sign elsewhere also returned to the Buccaneers. However, one essential piece of the Bucs has still not committed to the team yet for the next season. Rob Gronkowski, the Tight End who is often regarded as Brady’s favorite receiver, hasn’t made up his mind yet for the next season.

Tom Brady wants Rob Gronkowski to come back next season

Tom Brady has already vouched on the return of Gronk to the Bucs team. In an interview with Complex’s Mike DeStefano, the Bucs quarterback said, “I’m hoping Gronk comes back to play.”

In contrast, Gronk is still unsure about his future. However, he has already declared that if he comes back to play, he’ll only play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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Rob Gronkowski talked about his potential talks with the Bucs related to a new contract and said, “That will start if I decide that I want to play, There’s no reason to do that while there’s a decision to be made first. It’s all about if I decide to.”


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Can Brady and Gronk lead the Bucs to another Super Bowl title?

If Rob Gronkowski decides to return to play for the Bucs next season, unsurprisingly the Bucs will be the favorites to win it all. The NFC is weak in the upcoming season with all the teams losing their key players.


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This gives a huge advantage to the Bucs, as they already have their core. They just need Gronk back, and a new WR to replace Antonio Brown. If the front office is successful in pulling something out of the bag in draft or via trade, Brady might add up another Super Bowl to his resume.

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