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Travis Kelce & Co. Slapped With NFL’s Cruel Reality After Patrick Mahomes Signs Mammoth Deal With Kansas City Chiefs

Published 09/20/2023, 6:53 AM EDT

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The 2x SB Champion Patrick Mahomes’ new contract has been making headlines ever since the outside world got wind of it. And no one’s complaining. Everyone agrees that someone of Mahomes’ caliber should be adequately compensated. But do all players get the same treatment as quarterbacks do? In the latest episode of NightCap, Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson revealed certain less-talked-about aspects of the NFL.

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The hosts have been great WRs in their time with the NFL. Between them, they have played 25 seasons in the NFL. Who better to go to know about the inner workings of the NFL from the point of view of players?

The gap between quarterbacks and other players


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While discussing Mahomes’ new contract, the former New England Patriots WR, Ocho chose strong words to describe the attitude of NFL teams toward their players. “Everybody is expendable. Except the centerpieces.” What did he mean by this? He went on to give the examples of Randy Moss, a former NFL player, to substantiate his claim.

Remember Randy Moss? After scoring a touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings, the WR was fined $10,000 for excessive celebration. Overjoyed with the score, Moss feigned to pull his pants down and faked-mooned the opposing Green Bay Packers fans. The same Moss was mired in controversy after he made comments against the Vikings Head Coach, Brad Childress. The end result was that he was traded off to the Tennessee Titans. Even after he had had a great season and made some excellent plays for the Vikings.


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But not all players are in danger of being traded off for trivial reasons. The quarterbacks enjoy a security that other players do not. This does not bode well for Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and other players. They are no doubt in cloud nine about their QB finally getting what he deserves. However, this happiness is clouded by their own future in the team. The 33-year-old player can never be too sure. The TE joined the Chiefs in 2013 on a decade-long contract. And ever since Mahomes joined him, the duo has some of the best chemistry in the league. After a dizzying performance in the 2022 Super Bowl, and leading their team to becoming SB Champions, fans do not want it to come to an end.

In another exposé, the duo discussed the reasons for Patrick Mahomes still being underpaid despite his $210.6 million deal. Does the League follow benchmarks set by previous players? Or is the League dynamic in keeping up with the times and ensuring that players are paid adequately?

Who decides anyway? 


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Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow held the title of the highest-paid NFL player of all time. And then came the announcement of Mahomes’ new contract. Just one day after he turned 28. It holds the record for being the biggest ever for a four-year span. The co-hosts were irked by this and said it was “petty”, that it came so soon after Burrow’s deal, as if to overshadow him.

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But do they think Mahomes does not deserve it? Mahomes’ resume speaks for itself. The Chiefs’ chief has advanced to the AFC Championship Game every year he’d been a starter. He’s been in the Super Bowl three of the five years as a starter, two of the five years he’d won the Super Bowl, and two of the five years he was the Super Bowl MVP. Patrick deserves every penny and some more. 


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They suspect the reason for this is just because star QB Tom Brady had asked for less as part of his contract, the teams expect other QBs to do the same. The conversation has of course brought certain questions to the fore again. How much does a player actually deserve? Are QBs worth much, much more than other players? Is team loyalty even a thing? That’s some food for thought.

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