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Travis Kelce Recounts the Event When Patrick Mahomes Nearly Wrecked the Playoff Game Against Josh Allen Led Buffalo Bills

Published 05/20/2022, 7:03 AM EDT

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The quarterback-tight end chemistry came under major prominence after fans saw the Brady-Gronk relationship. Although, there’s more than just them in the league. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have one of the ideal, if not the best, partnerships in the NFL. Their effective interpersonal communication skills led them to some major playoff triumphs. However, Mahomes once nearly blew up their victory against the Bills.

Under Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs have tasted major success in the past. The franchise can put some big numbers during games, and also rallied for a couple of Super Bowl appearances. The most exciting factor was the nail-biting calls at the end of the plays, something the franchise has made a name for.


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In an interaction with Joe Buck and Michael Collins, TE Travis Kelce recalls the Chiefs vs. Bills playoff game. The last play in the field goal range was highly unstructured. Mahomes was far from quiet as the TE tried to tell him whatever he was progressing to do on the glide.

He mentions, “I remember the Bills called a timeout. I’m looking at Pat and I’m just trying to be discreet as possible to tell him, ‘Hey, if they play it like that, I’m wide open’. We get up to the line of scrimmage and Pat is yelling at me to do it. I’m just sitting there looking at him like, ‘Ssshhh be quiet, you are telling the whole stadium right now that you’re throwing me the ball’”.


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The Chiefs’ win over the Bills in overtime was one of the most memorable completes in NFL postseason history. Travis Kelce got a lucky 25-yard pass to fix the game-tying field goal.

Patrick Mahomes’ key to victory

The KC Chiefs have had some extensive NFL seasons. This also includes multiple AFC Championship appearances and a Super Bowl victory. The basic key to the success of Kansas City looks to be something very simple. Patrick Mahomes has kept open a line of communication with the roster members. Therefore, this also helps enable last-moment decisions to break through the opposing defense.


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This is something that the fans saw during the 36-33 overtime playoff game. When you’re going against the most effective defense lineups among all NFL franchises, you need to come up with a plan. That’s when Kelce and Mahomes deviated from the plot, with the TE picking up the ball up the middle of the pitch for a 25-yard benefit. This eventually led to a victory, setting the match against the underdogs, the Cincinnati Bengals for the AFC title.


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