$245 Million Russell Wilson and Ciara Shine in Cowboys Snap as Broncos Gear Up for New Era

Published 03/19/2023, 9:41 AM EDT

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Russell Wilson is coming off the back of a dismal season with the Denver Broncos. And although he is currently enjoying his offseason with his family, the next season will surely be somewhere in the back of his mind. After all, the Broncos are gearing up for a new era under a new head coach. Amid all this, his wife Ciara has shared a sweet snap with the $245 million QB in which the couple is shining in cowboy looks.

The Broncos acquired Wilson last season as a one-stop solution to their problems in the league. And this year, they have brought in the legendary Sean Payton to finally unlock the QB they thought they were getting.

Ciara and Russell Wilson dazzle in cowboy looks


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Amid all the turmoil going around in the Broncos franchise, Russell Wilson is enjoying his time off the field. He is spending the major chunk of it with his wife, rockstar Ciara, and daughter Sienna. As a sneak peek into their latest adventure, Ciara shared a snap in a cowboy look with her husband.

She tagged Wilson in the Instagram story which features both of them in matching cowboy hats. In another story, the rockstar shared a picture of her cowboy boots to complete the look. The couple is surely on an adventure.


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Since the offseason began, Wilson has made it a point to spend it with his wife and daughter. When Ciara left the country for her work, Wilson took Sienna for a vacation. The father-daughter duo also went to her first father-daughter dance.


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Amid all this, the Broncos continue their rebuild under the watchful eyes of Sean Payton. And Wilson would hope to justify the big-money contract he recieved from the franchise in the last offseason.

Gearing up for the Sean Payton era

The Broncos suffered a dismal season in 2022, winning just five of their 17 games. That wasn’t the record the franchise hoped for when they traded for Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks. And that record was enough for head coach Nathaniel Hackett to lose his job. And the franchise has roped in the legendary Sean Payton to replace Hackett.


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Payton doesn’t need to prove himself in the NFL. The coach is a Super Bowl champion as a head coach of the New Orleans Saints. And the biggest thing is that he gave the world a QB like Drew Brees. But can Russell Wilson finally step up to the challenge that the new coach brings in?

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