Unearthed Story About Brock Purdy Shows Trey Lance Never Stood a Chance

Published 08/29/2023, 7:51 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The NFL draft selections consistently reveal captivating stories that engage our interest. These athletes, who undergo the draft process, showcase impressive abilities and attain success through their dedication and skill set. Nevertheless, the intricate team selection process is shaped by a range of factors. Certain picks are some picks are touted for greatness, while others pursue more typical career trajectories. Today, we look at one of the NFL’s draft picks that was picked at the very end.

Brock Purdy, the 2022 NFL draft pick’s story reveals some interesting tales. It’s a journey of retribution from how the Iowa State collegiate never got picked up to how the 49ers GM found this gem. Purdy’s rise to the game wasn’t without its complexities. He got called names, was labeled as “Mr. Irrelevant” and whatnot for just being the last selection during the 2022 draft picks. However, all of that changed with the player’s gamesmanship and the talent he brought along with his skill sets.

How Mr.Irrelevant became a certain someone who is Relevant


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NFL players and management are a superstitious lot. From time immemorial, there’s a general conception that players who are selected at the end of draft picks don’t account for much. However, this was proved as a misconception by Brock Purdy. The current San Fransisco 49ers QB showcased his tremendous talent in the rookie year itself.

The 49ers coach too fell in love with this player. In the words of John Lynch he shared during a podcast “Right out here on Brock Purdy, I think there’s about three people who really get that credit, and in my mind, that is Brian Griese… Brian comes to coach, and Brian just falls in love with this kid.” The HC Brian Griese was also enamored by the youngster’s prowess and wanted him to be a part of the side. Now a couple years since the fateful draft pick, the team has made another significant trade.

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The 49ers traded Trey Lance to the Cowboys for a 2024 draft pick


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There’s just something about the 49ers and draft picks. They just seem to click and work wonders for the side. Recently, in another quarterback saga. San Fransisco has gone ahead with the trade of their starting QB Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys. The reasons for the trade are obvious- the 49ers recoup a draft pick, save some space on cap space, and sort out any uncertainty around their QB room.

In what is being called a “dingy move” and with a Jets fan giving his two cents. The 49ers have taken a bold decision by letting go of Lance. The trade in the bigger scheme of things highlights that the team and its management have given up on the QB. This follows after the 49ers made Lance the 3rd overall pick in 2021.


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Well, it’s the pressure of the NFL season. Someone is surely jittery and under the pump prior to the season’s initiation. For the 49ers, one of the bright sides is the complete dominance of Purdy, and would hope that he reinvents himself as the season unfurls.

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