“We’re Coming After You Guys”- NFL Hall of Famer Talks About San Francisco 49ers’ Offense And The Challenges They Face In NFC West

July 7, 2020 6:00 am

San Francisco 49ers suffered heartbreak in last year’s Super Bowl LIV outing against Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs. They were favorites heading into the clash. This is why 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was visibly disappointed at the end result of their 2019 campaign.

Their disastrous performance in the Fourth Quarter will haunt Jimmy Garoppolo and the rest of the San Francisco 49ers fanbase for years to come. However, Shanahan will hope to learn from his mistakes from previous seasons and guide his team to the Super Bowl once again this year.

NFL Hall of Famer lauds San Francisco 49ers’ offense

In a recent interview with NFL Network, NFL Hall of Famer – Ronnie Lott – talked up Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers offense ahead of the start of the 2020 season. Lott said “To me, they’re there. They’re there on the offense and the reason I think that they’re there on the offense is that, and I’ve said this is, Kyle is our version of Bill Walsh. Personally, I think he’s one of the most innovative guys in pro football when it comes to offense.”

“I like where they’re at. I like what they’re doing and love the way that they built it from the guys up front and now they’re trying to hopefully be able to get the secondary even better.”

Ronnie Lott admits the NFC will prove a tough challenge for Shanahan and Co. this year

San Francisco 49ers were NFC West champions last season en route to the Super Bowl LIV clash against Kansas City Chiefs. The 49ers also have the most NFC West titles in NFL history. But Lott warns that things are different in the division this time around.

“They got the ingredients. The questions is that you’re in a division that you’ve got some talent. I remember when John Robinson was coaching the Rams. You’re in a division where there were certain teams you’ve got to beat. Right now they’re in a division where there’s talent, there’s a lot of talent.

“You’ve got the Rams who went to the Super Bowl. You got Seattle that’s a very talented team and you got the Cardinals who are literally saying, ‘We’re coming after you guys.’ That’s where you gotta look at them and say they’re competing and they’ve got to compete every week. But I gotta believe they’re right there. They’re right there because of what we saw last year,” Lott further added.

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