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Weeks After Claims of “Living Hell” for Aaron Rodgers in New York, Jets QB Breaks Silence on Zac Wilson’s Situation

Published 06/10/2023, 1:54 AM EDT

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Aaron Rodgers was in for a bumpy ride at the New York Jets. Or so it seemed initially. Prior to his trade from the Green Bay Packers, Zach Wilson opened up about how he would not make life easy for any veteran QB the Jets acquired in the offseason. The 21-year-old QB was ready to give tough competition to the 4X MVP Aaron Rodgers for the starting position in the roster. Now, it’s been a while since A-Rod has settled down in New York. And fans might be wondering how the situation is at the Jets locker room between Rodgers and Wilson at the moment.

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Like all the other teams, the Jets have been keeping themselves busy engaging in OTAs preparing for a new season with new talents on the roster. Rodgers is expected to be back at the OTAs after staining his calf on the first day. During a recent post-OTA interview, the 4X MVP QB has given fans a sneak peek into his developing relationship with the young protégé QB at his new home in New York.

Things are not bitter between Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson


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In a recent interview with the press, Aaron Rodgers opened up about how life has been with the Jets and the developments in the relationship between him and Zach Wilson. Rodgers talked about the team possessing a great QB room. He talked about putting in efforts to work with Wilson and others who are a part of the roster and preparing for their future with the team.

While talking about his relationship with Wilson, A-Rod stated that he’s been “incredible” and has not made his “life hell every day”. He went on to talk about how he had a tough time last season and how he appreciates the young QB for facing all the adversities Wilson has been facing after his dismal 2022 campaign. Rodgers said, “He’s been a joy to work with. And I give him so much credit. Because it’s a tough situation. You know what he went through. You know the frustration last year probably a lot of words he heard from people.”


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While Aaron Rodgers will be looking forward to a Super Bowl-worthy season in his debut Jets campaign, he feels that at the same time, he also has the responsibility of molding the young Zach Wilson as a QB of the future. 


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Rodgers believes in Wilson’s talents as a QB

Wilson was drafted by the Jets in 2021. And last season, he had a poor run for his team. But Jets GM Joe Douglas still believes in the value he can bring to the roster in the future. And Aaron Rodgers believes that a part of his responsibility during his time in New York is to “make sure he’s ready when his time comes.” A-Rod believes that at the moment, Zach Wilson should continue focusing on his growth and learning. He also talked about how Wilson got the chance to get in lots of reps during OTAs because of his own calf injury, and how Wilson is always engaging with him to learn more about the game. Despite everything, Aaron Rodgers can prove to be a good mentor to shape Wilson as the franchise QB of the future. 

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While the 23-year-old continues to grow under the mentorship of Aaron Rodgers, do you think the Jets will have a successful Super Bowl contention-worthy season in 2023? Let us know in the comments below. 


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