“What It All Comes Down To is Stidham” – Analyst Predicts Stidham will be New England Patriots’ Key to Playoffs

May 28, 2020 7:13 pm

Analyst and commentator, Max Kellerman, believes that rookie Quarterback, Jarrett Stidham, will lead the New England Patriots to the playoffs this season. “You have the greatest coach of all-time coaching what, last year, was an elite defense.” Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin had a decent last season despite having lost their best players. Belichick can be expected to do better than that.

New England Patriots’ Biggest Weapon

Nobody has seen what Jarrett Stidham is truly capable of. Kellerman noted that it is right to say that the Patriots lost their greatest ever Quarterback. But let’s face it, “Tom Brady at this moment is not playing like the greatest quarterback of all time”. His form isn’t as good as it was 7 or 8 years ago, or even 3 years ago.

Despite not knowing Stidham’s full potential, there are some signs which indicate he will play excellently. Max says that the very first indication is that Bill Belichick kept Jarrett on as quarterback. “There were guys out there that you could’ve swung a deal for”. Yet “an excellent evaluator of talent who knows the kind of position he wants to put players in and what they can do for him… says I want that guy“.

While Kellerman might think Stidham will perform better than expected and lead the Patriots to the playoffs, many have raised concerns. As much as Belichick likes to challenge his players to do their job, even he would admit that replacing Tom Brady with an inexperienced second-year QB would be a long shot.

Brian Hoyer, however, might be a more reasonable choice as the starter Week 1. Former footballer, Rob Ninkovich believes that without an offseason or much practice, it only makes sense to go with the veteran on your team. He “has been in the system, understands what to expect, what an NFL season is like… and also understands what it takes to be in that building.” Colin Cowherd, on the other hand, thinks Hoyer cannot take on the likes of Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson.

With Brady moving to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, around significantly better players, Jarrett will have to do exceptionally well if he is looking to take Tom’s legacy forward.

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