Where Does Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes Live? Here’s All We Know About the Quarterback’s House

Published 08/07/2020, 9:19 AM EDT

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Patrick Mahomes arrived at Kansas City after spending a lot of time in Texas first at his father Pat Mahomes’ house which was befitting of an MLB player. Later he spent a few years at a dorm room at Texas Tech. Right out of college, the prospect was made a top 10 draft pick at the 2017 NFL draft.

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He signed a rookie deal worth $16.4 million and moved into a lavish penthouse near the Chiefs’ home base. The accommodation was one of grandeur featuring 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths spread out with a living area and other rooms over 1,800 square feet.


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However, following his MVP winning season in 2018, which also was the quarterback’s debut season as a starter, Mahomes realized that he was to be in Missouri as he enjoyed his time playing for ‘The Chiefs.’ This no doubt prompted the young quarterback to secure something for the long term and led him to invest in an individual house in the suburbs of the city.

Patrick Mahomes house

The Chiefs quarterback said, “Setting down roots in Kansas City was huge for us. I mean the passion they have for the community, the food, the football team. They treat us like we’ve been here our whole entire life. I think the people are what we love the most about Kansas City.”

This certainly adds weight to the move as he plans to be part of the city for “a long long time.” Mahomes adds that this was a massive motivating factor as they plan on being in the city for “20 years plus.”


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The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback spent $1.9 million for his new house as per the Kansas City Business Journal. It is near the Mission Hills Country Club located in Jackson County. 

The house has a sprawling driveway with ample greenery around. The property is 67 years old, though with a little interior designing and planning it seems like a modern-day showpiece. Modern furniture with a sleek finish and smooth wood finished floorings dominate the living areas with an electric chimney blending in the new and the old. 

Mahomes’ residence consists of 3 bedrooms with one master bedroom spread out across a massive 1,250 sq/feet and 3 bathrooms. This is already an upgrade from his previous condo.

Additionally, the Chiefs quarterback’s residence consists of an outdoor lawn. This as per Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews is the biggest thing as it gives their dogs an ample amount of space to play.

Also, the house comprises a swimming pool and it consists of a three-car garage. However, the thing that excites Mahomes the most is his special walk-in shoe closet. 

The walk-in Shoe closet

Patrick Mahomes boasts of an astonishing shoe collection and it has struck a chord with him. So much so, the quarterback has put aside a room primarily for his monstrous shoe collection. At a glance, the shoe collection seems displayed akin to how most keep showpieces on display. Also, it can feel like a shoe shop. 

His collection includes BAPE’s, and he specifically points out the Icy white Futurecrafts. Furthermore, Mahomes is such a massive Game of Thrones buff that his show collection reflects that. He possesses an Ultraboost version of a ‘Night Watch’ Game of Thrones show as a tribute to Jon Snow. 

In a chat with Bleacher Report, Mahomes revealed that the shoe closet has been on his bucket list for a better part of the last decade. A few shelves in the shoe closet are dedicated to sunglasses too. Mahomes refers to these as his “babies.”

Mahomes says, “I got like 180 pairs of them and I feel like that’s enough. I can wear each one of them twice a year.” 

However, given the large shoe collection, it is surprising that Mahomes picks the camera in the room as his favorite. You got that right! The Chiefs quarterback has a camera to monitor his shoes as he doesn’t trust anyone. He says the camera “shows all the most valuable things in the house.” 

This is a way to ensure his entire collection is in place after his college-going brother drops in from time to time. The statement lets fans in on an interesting brotherly dynamic the duo share.


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Mahomes has signed a deal worth $450 million to stay at Kansas till the end of the 2031 NFL season. He will be in the city for a long time with half of his goal of the next “20 years” secured.

There could be possible expansions to the already lavish residence. He will certainly look to expand his shoe closet as it is really tough to see him end his playing career with ‘just’ 180 pairs. 


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What do you make of the Super Bowl LIV MVP’s abode? 

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