While Aaron Rodgers Is Completely Missing From Off Season Start, Seems Like Green Bay Packers Have Sorted Their QB Situation

Published 04/17/2023, 3:04 PM EDT

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As Green Bay Packers’ voluntary workouts kicked off, all eyes were on the QB situation. Nevertheless, the rising star quarterback is set to show, who has patiently waited in the shadow of Aaron Rodgers. But what caught everyone off guard was the wintry scene that greeted him on his first day back at Lambeau Field in April, with snow blanketing the stadium. His attendance at the offseason program sends a powerful message about his commitment to the team.

In contrast to Rodgers’ past absences, the new QB’s presence speaks volumes about his determination to step up as a leader. Also, as the Jets kick off their offseason program, gearing up for the upcoming season, Rodgers is noticeably absent from the activities. A recent report says, the Packers and New York Jets, the two teams are not in close contact about the possible trade.

Jordan Love leads Packers’ offseason workouts as future QB


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Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, was seen walking in during the team’s voluntary workouts, which started today. It was surprising to see snow on his first day back at Lambeau Field, the team’s stadium, as it’s still cold in April.

Love is an important player for the Packers, expected to be their future quarterback after waiting behind Aaron Rodgers for a long time. This marks a new phase for the Packers as they prepare for the upcoming season with Love as their quarterback.

Love’s attendance at the offseason workout program is seen as a positive sign, showing his commitment to being a leader for the team. In contrast, Rodgers did not attend these activities in the past two off-seasons.

The Packers are now focused on the 2023 NFL draft, where their General Manager, Brian Gutekunst, will build a team around Love. Although Rodgers has not been officially traded to the Jets, it appears the Packers are moving forward with Love as their starting quarterback.

Jets’ Offseason Woes: Packers and Jets silence on Rodgers deal

Meanwhile, the Jets are also starting their offseason program, which is a series of organized activities to prepare for the next season. However, their expected quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is not participating. It’s likely that Rodgers would have skipped these activities. The Jets are not too worried about it at this point because the practices don’t start for another month, so there’s still time for Rodgers to join if he decides to.


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Things are getting interesting in the Aaron Rodgers trade saga. As per Adam Schefter’s report, the Jets and the Packers have not been talking about a possible trade involving Rodgers for several weeks now. Both teams seem to be stubbornly sticking to their positions and not engaging in much, if any, conversation.


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Amid this drama, Tom Pelissero, who works for the NFL Network, shared the news that Quinnen Williams, who plays as a defensive tackle for the NY Jets, will not be attending voluntary workouts. As of yet, he remains unable to partake, for the team has yet to bestow upon him an extension to his contract.

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