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‘Why You Gotta Make It a Game, Bro?’: Eric Weddle Has Hilarious Exchange With Tom Brady After Snapping Him Out of the Season

Published 01/27/2022, 8:07 AM EST

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The Los Angeles Rams handed an unfortunate loss to Tom Brady on Sunday. The Bucs came very close to a win after tying the game from a 24 point deficit. However, the Rams scored a field goal in the end to claim their ticket to the NFC Conference Championship. The home side was surely not prepared for such an instance, however, the Brady had no regrets since he gave his all.

The quarterback was most certainly annoyed when the harsh reality hit him like a truck. But that did not keep him from having a hilarious talk with the Rams’ free safety Eric Weddle after the game. Brady has competed against Weddle for many years during their days in the AFC, and so the veterans share a special relationship on the field.


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However, the story of Weddle is a story worth telling. The safety announced his retirement from football on February 6, 2020, after 13 big seasons in the NFL. However, the six time Pro Bowler made a remarkable return for the Los Angeles Rams ahead of the Wild Card Round in the playoffs.


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Fate crosses the paths of Tom Brady and Eric Weddle again

The 37-year-old returned just to down the defending champions led by the invincible Tom Brady and then advance to the NFC Conference Championship. From going down with an injury two years ago, to replacing the starting safety Jordan Fuller from the Rams squad, it has been a roller coaster ride for the veteran.

After sealing a 27-30 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the two veterans came face to face once again. And Tom Brady made a hilarious remark on the safety. “You gotta be sore as f*ck,” Brady said jokingly. To which Weddle laughed and replied, “Why you got to make it a game, bro?”  


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The safety definitely worried about losing the game at one point. Brady, who was leading a depleted squad against the most complete team in the NFL, still managed to make a comeback in the game even after a 27-3 deficit. The game in the end tied at 27-27 and that was the time when the Rams felt what the Falcons did in 2017. However, the Bucs defense could not contain the Rams from scoring a field goal.


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The Rams will now be facing the 49ers in the NFC Conference Championship. Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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