Will Drew Brees Pull a Tom Brady or Join Tom Brady? NFL Legend Announces He’s Leaving NBC Analyst Gig

Published 05/16/2022, 8:00 AM EDT

USA Today via Reuters

Drew Brees is one year down as a studio and game analyst with one of the leading broadcasts, NBC. Although, it doesn’t look like the legendary quarterback will return there. While many reports showed the scenario, Brees came up with a tweet that people thought would be a myth-buster. However, it just fueled the fire.

When Drew Brees’ legendary ended, he took up the job of an analyst to call the games with NBC. A move that many of the NFL icons have done, including Tom Brady. But his recent revelation hints that there is a multitude of possibilities. That also involves another Brady and Gronk maneuver; a return to the league.


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The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand reveals the report that the New Orleans Saints legend may be done by calling games for the NBC booth while moving forward in the year 2022.

Brees said that the findings were inaccurate, but that wasn’t the point. His declaration on Twitter, wherein the QB does not say whether he will come back to his previous job, is sure to energize countless football fans. He also brought up the possibility of going back to the field.


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He mentions, “Despite speculation from [the] media about my future this fall, I’m currently undecided. I may work for NBC, I may play football again, I may focus on business and philanthropy, I may train for the pickleball tour, senior golf tour, coach my kids, or all of the above. I’ll let you know.”


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It’s difficult to tell whether Brees is grave about a sequel to football. But now that he’s mentioned it in his Twitter post, more questions would be asked.

Will Drew Brees pull a retirement rebound?

Brees retired as NFL’s all-time pioneer in career yards passing (80,358), touchdown passes (571), and completion rate while he announced his departure. The former Saints’ QB has 5 All-Pro selections, two OPOY awards, and a Super Bowl XLIV MVP honors. He left the Saints after a crushing loss in the NFC Divisional Round in January 2021.


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The possibility of Brees’ coming back doesn’t really imply that it could actually occur; probably it’s just the famed quarterback’s way to deny that he is no longer with NBC. The major gossip is that Brees will now become a part of FOX Sports, as either the main color analyst or someone who could join Tom Brady after he retires. Whatever disclosure occurs, it will be fascinating to watch.

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