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“You’re So Full of It” – Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Lashes Out at Reporter

“You’re So Full of It” – Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Lashes Out at Reporter

Heading into the 2020 season, the Dallas Cowboys were regarded as one of the top teams; well, at least on paper. A major blow hit the underperforming Cowboys squad in Week Five when star quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury.

Head coach Mike McCarthy has been subjected to a fair share of criticism in the last couple of weeks. The former Green Bay Packers coach made headlines after reports emerged of unrest within the Cowboys dressing room.

Earlier this week, two unnamed Cowboys players told NFL Network’s Jane Slater that the team’s coaches are “totally unprepared,” adding that they “don’t teach.” The players also claimed that the management staff “just aren’t good at their jobs.”

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Jerry Jones, Leighton Vander Esch respond to Dallas Cowboys unofficial reports

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is a well-renowned figure among American media personnel. The 78-year-old is currently one of the senior-most NFL franchise owners in the league. He is active on social media and is very vocal about anything related to his beloved Cowboys.

However, the damning reports from earlier this week have not gone down well with the veteran. Jones lashed out at a reporter during a recent interview when he was asked to comment on those leaked dressing room talks.

“It doesn’t add to anything. It doesn’t make me do anything other than almost smirk. Do you think [the report] has any credibility? Think about it. Do you really think it has any credibility? You guys really think that those words that come out your mouth and you can’t say who gave you the information has any credibility? Think about it. It has none…

“Get it on out there, reporter, and say who said it. Get with it. Is the reporter trying to influence me? Of course not. You’re so full of it, I mean it,” a disgruntled Jones told at the hosts of radio show K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan via The Dallas Morning News.

Head coach Mike McCarthy calls for calm amidst the ongoing chaos

It’s turning out to be one hell of a debut season for Dallas Cowboys head coach, Mike McCarthy. The veteran is obviously not too pleased with the occurrences from last week. Here’s what McCarthy said prior to Sunday’s game against the Washington Football Team.

“I think you have to recognize it. I really go back to my first meeting with the football team. I’ve always stated this to every team I’ve coached.”

“I think it’s important to handle things as men. I mean, if you do have something to say publicly, I think it’s important to say to the individual, particularly in a group dynamic setting, especially in the game of football, especially the Dallas Cowboys,” McCarthy added.

The Cowboys are on a 2-4 record heading into Week Seven. They are in second place in the NFC East Division table behind Carson Wentz’s Philadelphia Eagles. A win tomorrow will propel them to the top of the table as we approach the half-way stage of the season. Will backup quarterback Andy Dalton do enough to lead the Cowboys to win on Sunday? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

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