“You’re Talking About a Person’s Livelihood”: Aaron Rodgers Weighs in on Packers’ Decision to Cut WR Amari Cooper and Rb Kylin Hill From Franchise

Published 11/17/2022, 1:30 PM EST
Nov 6, 2022; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) slides for a first down against Detroit Lions during the second half at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Junfu Han-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers are coming off a convincing victory over the Cowboys. However, this does not rule out the possibility of the franchise delivering some disappointing news. The team made a few adjustments and parted ways with two young players. It led to the fans talking about the cuts and why the franchise would make such a disheartening move. Aaron Rodgers also put his thoughts on the cuts.

Ahead of the Packers’ clash against the Titans, Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media in the franchise locker room. One media personnel asked Rodgers to deliver his thoughts on the recent layoff of Amari Rodgers and Kylin Hill. A-Rod presented an empathetic answer to it.


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Aaron Rodgers opened up on the recent layoffs

Aaron Rodgers mentioned, “This is livelihood, and as much as there’s criticism from outside the building, and some people probably think that this is warranted, and they’re excited about it. You’re talking about a person’s livelihood, a person’s life, feelings, ego, and memories. So a little sensitivity to that, I think, would go a long way because we’re talking about people. Not just numbers on the Jersey that you watch on Sundays, so definitely a feel for the people because this is something we all love doing and we want to play this for a long time.”

Rodgers added he was fortunate not to receive that call, yet I can certainly assume how it would feel. He has had many friends in the past who ended up getting that call and moved on.


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The QB1’s thoughts came after the franchise let go of the 2021 draft picks, Amari Rodgers and Kylin Hill. It was a polarizing move among the Pack fans. But Matt LaFleur may have some answers.

HC Matt LaFleur boldly spoke over the latest cuts

The Packers’ move to cut the 2021 draft picks looked rather disputable. But Matt LaFleur made a bold response over the layoffs. HC Matt Schneidman stated they encourage men to show up to work and be co-operative and own their roles as much as they can. No matter how big or compact they are. It happens once they do not seem to.


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LaFleur said it hurt when they let Amari Rodgers go. The WR did everything they asked of him. He was a fantastic team player. Rodgers worked tirelessly. He appears to be advancing in terms of overall competence, but they work in a production-based sector.


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It is yet to see how the Packers fill up the voids.

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