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After Steamrolling the Bucs, Eagles HC Nick Sirianni Issues a Timely Reminder to Jalen Hurts & Co.

Published 09/26/2023, 11:26 AM EDT

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After convincingly defeating the Buccaneers, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni wants to remind Jalen Hurts and the team that they still have room for improvement. Despite winning their first three games, Sirianni wants everyone to understand that the Eagles are not a finished, perfect team yet.

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In football, teams commence a season by identifying their players’ strengths. As the season progresses, they become more cohesive and perform better together. That’s why what HC Sirianni said is receiving significant attention ahead of the fourth week of games.

Why is Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni unhappy?


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The Eagles’ passing game has been inconsistent throughout the season, resembling a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs. Last week, the Philly team encountered difficulties when approaching their opponent’s end zone, managing to score only once out of five attempts.

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Quarterback Jalen Hurts, despite battling flu-like symptoms, played but unfortunately threw two passes that were intercepted by the opposing team, which is not ideal. That’s why, “It’s a growth process. We’re not a final product yet,” Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni’s statement from Monday. “Are we playing our best offensive football right now? No, and we shouldn’t be yet, and it’s a growth.”


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Nevertheless, despite not performing at their best in the first three weeks, the fact that they can still defeat their opponents underscores the strength of the team, led by Jalen Hurts & Co.

The Eagles’ complex story

The Philadelphia Eagles are performing excellently this season, boasting a record of 3 wins and 0 losses. Here’s a brief overview of their recent games, highlighting both positive and negative aspects for avid Eagles. But how has their performance been so far? Let’s break it down.

In their first game against the New England Patriots:

The Eagles won 25-20 in a thrilling, high-scoring matchup. The Patriots had opportunities but made late-game passing errors. The Eagles’ offense appeared sluggish, lacking creativity. Quarterback Jalen Hurts struggled, and the running game was predictable. The usually strong offensive line had an average performance.

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In the second game against the Minnesota Vikings:

The Eagles won 34-28, but Jalen Hurts had a rough start. He missed a potential touchdown pass to DeVonta Smith and struggled against the Vikings’ defensive tricks. When they blitzed, Hurts did great, but without it, he struggled, resulting in an interception.


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In their third game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

The Eagles’ defense dominated, led by stars like Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, Josh Sweat, and Brandon Graham. Their offense controlled the game with a long 15-play, 9.5-minute drive to seal a 25-11 victory against the Buccaneers.


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Next up in Week 4: Eagles vs. Washington Commanders on Sunday, October 1st, at 1 PM. Fans can catch the game on FOX!

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