During an NFL Week 5 game, CB Marcus Peters of the Raiders made an illegal tackle on the Packers‘ WR Christian Watson, preventing a touchdown. Commentators Joe Buck and [ex-NFL] Troy Aikman praised it as a smart move since it led the Packers to settle for a field goal instead.

Despite the Green Bay Packers achieving some minor victories, the Raiders secured a 17-13 victory at Allegiant Stadium. They accomplished this by scoring two long touchdown drives. One came in the first half while the other followed in the second half of the game. Did Peters’ “illegal” tackle cost the Packers the game?

Christian Watson’s touchdown loss by a horse-collar tackle


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In a tied NFL game, the Packers’ Jordan Love launched a long pass to Christian Watson, who was sprinting toward the end zone. However, a horse-collar tackle from a defender halted Watson in his tracks and prevented a touchdown.

According to a ProFootballTalk post via X, Marcus Peters employed an illegal horse-collar tackle, potentially altering the outcome of Monday night’s game. “The league should at least have a conversation as to whether, moving forward, a touchdown should be awarded when this happens,” wrote via official X account.

The broadcasters Buck and Aikman labeled it a smart play because it prevented a Packers touchdown. An NFL fan @AlonsoPrado vilified the commentators for calling fouls as smart plays. They said, “Sick and tired of # NFL commentators like Joe Buck calling “heads up play” or “worth the penalty” when a player cheats to gain an advantage.”

Even historian Kevin M. Kruse expressed his discomfort at the dialogue by commentary. He stated, “It’s a bit weird to hear announcers praising a move that’s barred because it leads to serious injury.” Should the NFL contemplate allowing it to safeguard players’ safety in specific situations? In unique instances, could the offense potentially be granted a touchdown?

Awarding touchdowns for the horse-collar tackle

According to Pro Football Talk, a horse-collar tackle, wherein a player grabs another player’s collar from behind to prevent them from scoring, is a rare maneuver. The NFL should consider permitting it in certain circumstances to protect players’ legs. In special cases, a touchdown could act as a reward for the offense committed.


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Furthermore, PFT notes that they could consider it a “palpably unfair act” that allows the offense to score. However, officials seldom invoke this rule, leading to its easy oversight during games.

Therefore, the NFL needs to address the play by Peters. With safety regulations advancing, employing a dangerous maneuver like that should cost a higher penalty. Reportedly, the league should engage in discussion and determine whether it should be allowed or not. If horse-collar tackles are banned, this particular scenario should also be prohibited, despite its apparent utility.


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What do you make of the debate involving the controversial NFL tackle? Let us know in the comments section below.

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