“I Got Eyes in the Back of My Head” – Rob Gronkowski Remains Committed to 24/7 Title Defense

May 28, 2020 6:40 am

Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Rob Gronkowski became the longest-reigning WWE 24/7 champion in history. The then former tight end won the title at WrestleMania 36 after a stunning dive on Mojo Rawley. However, despite re-signing with the NFL, ‘Gronk’ doesn’t plan on relinquishing the title.

In this regard, he made a return to WWE programming and sent a message to 35 times 24/7 Champion R-Truth who finally realized that Tom Brady wasn’t the champion. 

Rob Gronkowski responds to R-Truth

The 3× Super Bowl-winning tight end appeared on an episode of RAW and said, “Now, I’m a nice guy, so I’m just gonna make sure you have all the intel you need during your quest. I am Gronk, WrestleMania 36 host with the most and reigning 24/7 Champ.”

The 31-year-old plugged in Truth’s numerous title reigns. However, he maintained that it was all history. 

‘I know you have a lot of memories with this title, and you fought hard for it. But that’s in the past Truth. 24/7 Gronk is the present and the future.”

The 24/7 title is as its name suggests. It can be defended anytime and anywhere. Here the former New England Patriot focused on attributes that make him ready to defend the title at any time. 

“Sixteen years of playing football and growing up with four brothers has prepared me to fight any time, any place.”

Finally, ‘Gronk’ mockingly put a pair of Goggles on the back of his head and sent Truth a warning that sneaking up on him will be a little tricky. 

“So this 24/7, 7-Eleven, I-95 South, W9, whole nine years championship stays with me brother. Take this is a warning R-Truth. I will see you coming because I got eyes on the back of my head.”

WWE announced that Gronkowski will not be stripped of the title. He will be expected to defend it thus opening a whole host of possibilities. Fans began to anticipate WWE stars crossing over to NFL training sessions or perhaps some of Gronkowski’s teammates winning the title in a team training session. 

Will Rob Gronkowski head into the NFL season as the WWE 24/7 titleholder?

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