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Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray’s Bromance Continues at Washington Open 2019

Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray’s Bromance Continues at Washington Open 2019

The relationship between Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray is a heartwarming tennis bromance that has no limits. Kyrgios and Murray have been good friends since ages as the pair enjoys a respectful and hilarious relation between them.

In their latest banter in Washington, Nick Kyrgios poke fun at Andy Murray when he interrupted the Australian’s autograph session. After completing his practice session for the Citi Open, Kyrgios was signing autographs when Murray walked through the crowd and impeding Kyrgios unintentionally.

Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray

Nick Kyrgios sarcastically booed his friend before the two shared a laugh. The 24-year-old then joked on Murray and said, “See, he’s not nice at all”, which left the fans in laughter. The fans loved to watch the other side of Kyrgios, who is famous for his disrespectful behaviour with the officials, altercation with others and for his explosive outbursts on court.

Nick Kyrgios has been under the headlines for his controversies on and off the court. However, Andy Murray has always been a vocal supporter of Kyrgios and has always gone out of his way to defend him in the past. While Kyrgios has always acknowledged by breaking Murray’s placid exterior with fits of laughter.

Earlier, the world no. 52 talked about their friendship, the banter and baiting between them. He showed his gratitude for the former world no. 1 and said, “Our relationship’s pretty good. We joke a lot. When we’re in the locker room it’s instant banter. When did our relationship start? I can’t remember but it was love at first sight.”

Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray

He further added, “It’s good to have one of the best players in the world as a good friend. I mean on tour, I see him more times than I see my family so it’s good to have a friend like him.”

The two might face off against each other in a thrilling doubles match if they go on till the finals at the ongoing Washington Open. While Murray is partnering with his elder brother,  Jamie Murray, Kyrgios is partnering with the Next-gen star, Stefanos Tsitsipas.

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