Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis Make Fun of Benoit Paire

By 6 months ago

The funny banter between Nick Kyrgios and Benoit Paire continued on social media after Kyrgios and his compatriot Thanasi Kokkinakis made fun of the Frenchman’s forehand during their Instagram live session.

The tennis community has relocated to social media as the professional Tour is suspended for an indefinite period due to the outbreak of coronavirus around the world. Players are hosting their own talk shows on the social networking websites in order to kill the boredom and also engage their fans during the public crisis. Subsequently, Kyrgios and Kokkinakis also held a fun live session earlier this week.

Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis have a good laugh on Paire’s forehand

The two Australians also joined the trend of creating their perfect tennis player. The two decided to start off with the selection of the best forehand on the Tour.

Ironically, Kokkinakis proposed Paire’s forehand to be perfect. Kyrgios had a good laugh over the suggestion. He went on to explain that while the Frenchman’s backhand is fire, his forehand does not make the cut.

Here is the synopsis of their ‘perfect player’ conversation –

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Kyrgios: “For the ‘perfect’ player forehand, who do you choose?”
Kokkinakis: “Benoit Paire.”
Кyrgios: “HАHАНАНАНА!”
Kokkinakkis: “Ah, do you want to do seriously?”
Kyrgios: “Yeah, let’s do it seriously.”

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Paire possesses an excellent service and backhand. However, his forehand is known to be one of the worst on the ATP Tour. Earlier, ESPN commentator Brad Gilbert had also rated Paire’s forehand as the worst in the Top 100. His forehand shot is undoubtedly far less powerful and inconsistent than his backhand.

Earlier, Paire himself mocked his forehand during a live Instagram session with Stan Wawrinka. Subsequently, Kokkinakis and Kyrgios couldn’t hold themselves back from making fun of Paire’s forehand.

Time to wait and watch what Paire comes up with to continue the ongoing banter between the two spirited athletes.

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