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Nick Kyrgios Announces Shocking News

Nick Kyrgios Announces Shocking News

Nick Kyrgios, who has been tipped as one of the biggest talents in the tennis world, revealed that he is “sick” of all the travelling and will have a much lighter schedule already this year. The Australian, is often known for his disinterest in tennis matches, and has also been fined multiple times for unsportsmanlike conduct.

In a stunning revelation, Kyrgios said that if he manages to win a big tournament he would probably quit tennis for the rest of the season“I play enough tennis during the year”,said Nick Kyrgios. “I’m sick of it by the time I get home,” he continued. “I was away from home for five and a half months and I don’t really ever want to do that again”, said Kyrgios. “I’m going to play a very light schedule this year.” 

Nick Kyrgios

“If I was to win Aus(Australian) Open or something- I probably wouldn’t play for the rest of the year”, he said.

The young Australian also said that he barely cared about defending his Brisbane International title next month. “I’ll probably be rusty”, said Nick Kyrgios. “I haven’t touched a racquet for a month”, he continued. “Tennis is the last thing I want to do (in the off-season) – I am sick of it by then,” he said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I went out there and had 30 unforced errors-it doesn’t matter to me”, he said with an air of indifference.

Kyrgios has also revealed that he has suffered a spider bite of late on his foot,because of which he was hospitalized. “I woke up Christmas Day and my foot was really swollen”, he said. “I have been in hospital the last couple of days getting antibiotics but I think I will be OK.”Nick Kyrgios

“It has definitely impacted my preparation”, he added. “I haven’t stepped on court for the last couple of days but it’s getting better,” said Nick Kyrgios.

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