Nick Kyrgios Fires Back at Fellow Colleague, Calls his Tennis “Boring as F**k”

By 9 months ago

The firebrand Nick Kyrgios hits back at rising Norwegian star Casper Ruud, after being labeled as an ‘idiot’ and ‘totally crazy’, branding his tennis ‘boring’.

The antagonism between Nick Kyrgios and Casper Ruud has escalated since their first meeting at the 2019 Italian Open, earlier this year – when the Australian was disqualified for throwing a chair onto the court in rage and the 20-year-old tumultuously celebrated his victory, which didn’t go down well with Nick Kyrgios.

Casper Ruud reignited the fire between the two as he recently defended celebration and called the 24-year-old “idiot” and “totally crazy”.

“I saw that he wrote a little about it,” Casper Ruud told Tennisportalen. “Okay, he got disqualified but if we look at the head-to-head between me and Kyrgios it’s 1-0 to me. That means I’ve won against him?”

The Norwegian further added that he was happy to earn 90 ATP points and $50,000 prize money and hence, he celebrated. The 20-year-old also suggested that Nick Kyrgios can say whatever he wants to but he is still lagging 0-1 against him in the head-to-head.

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“He can say as much as he wants about me getting disqualified but it still says 1-0 to me. I don’t know, he was totally crazy when I played him. It was nice to win,” Ruud explained.

He further added: “If I celebrated after the match or not? I don’t care. I was happy I got 90 points and $50,000 in prize money so why wouldn’t I celebrate? It’s his problem that he’s an idiot on the court.”

Nick Kyrgios, however, fired back at Ruud as he labeled his game as “boring” and challenged him to say it on his face. He also wished Ruud some luck for the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, next month.

The Australian star wrote on Twitter: “Hey, Casper Ruud next time you have something to say, I would appreciate you say it to my face, I’m sure you wouldn’t run your mouth so much after that. Until then I will continue to rather watch paint dry then watch you play tennis, boring as f**k.”

He concluded: “But again, I also understand why you have to keep my name in your mouth because people don’t even realize that you play tennis. Good luck in Milan champ.”

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