via Reuters

via Reuters

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios recently tweeted, “I would’ve been defaulted and suspended until 2025” in response to Novak Djokovic’s behavior during the final of the Qatar Open in Doha on Saturday, 7 January 2017. This tweet was actually meant for the tennis authorities, questioning the ATP Tour’s consistency after Novak Djokovic escaped only with a fine even after hitting a spectator with a tennis ball. According to Nick, had he behaved in a similar manner, he would have been defaulted and suspended till 2025.

Djokovic lost his temper not once but twice during the final match with World No. 1 Andy Murray on Saturday. First time, he slapped a ball into the crowd which hit a woman and the second time, he smashed his racquet in sheer irritation during the match.

Kyrgios tweeted to the tennis authorities because very recently during the Shanghai Masters, he was asked to serve an eight-week ban by the ATP Tour for not giving his best performances. However, later the ban was reduced to three weeks after he agreed to undergo counselling.

On the other hand, Djokovic himself said he did not hit anybody intentionally and was fortunate enough not to be given a bigger fine. But he admitted that it was a mistake on his part and he has to be more careful.