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Nick Kyrgios Taunts ATP’s Deferred Suspension Penalty

Nick Kyrgios Taunts ATP’s Deferred Suspension Penalty

Nick Kyrgios

The ATP announced Nick Kyrgios’ deferred suspension on Thursday morning for his meltdown during the Cincinnati Open 2019’s second round. The Australian jeered at the governing body of men’s tennis for the punishment imposed on him. 

On Instagram, Tennis TV posted about Nick Kyrgios’ ‘deferred suspension’ and following to that, Kyrgios commented, “I’ll choose the probationary period. Live and die by the sword. I’ll take probation.”

Nick Kyrgios' reply
Nick Kyrgios’ reply (PC: Jose Morgoda)

Also, later he posted on Instagram regarding his detention period from tennis and stated that “guess, I’m on my best behavior for six months.”

Nick Kyrgios

Also, Kyrgios seemed to be unaffected with the probation penalty from ATP as he would still get to play tennis and he just has to keep control with his on-court antics.

For his outburst in Cincinnati last month, Nick Kyrgios has been given probation of six months, if once again the World Number 27, Kyrgios misbehaves on the ATP Tour (until February 2020), he will be suspended from professional tennis for four months and followed by a fine of US$ 25,000. His probation period will start from Monday, October 1, 2019.

For his antics at the ATP Masters 1000 event in Cincinnati, he was fined US$ 113,000. He criticized the chair umpire multiple times, he called him a “disgrace” and a “potato” , used obscene words and spat on the court. In addition to that, Kyrgios availed an unauthorized bathroom break and landed up destroying two tennis racquets in the locker room.

Later, at the US Open 2019, he disparaged ATP and addressed it to be “corrupt” but ATP hasn’t announced any penalty for criticizing the men’s tennis board.

After studying the unsportsmanlike conducts of the Australian tennis player’s, Gayle David Bradshaw, Executive Vice President, Rules & Competition came to a conclusion of the deferred suspension. 

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios


Coincidently, a few hours ago, Nick Kyrgios called off his Asian Swing due to his shoulder injury. He will be focusing on recovery and taking a break from tennis. After his first-round defeat in Zhuhai, Kyrgios held the shoulder injury responsible for his loss to Andreas Seppi and added that he couldn’t serve well pertaining to his injury.

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