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Nick Kyrgios Taunts Novak Djokovic Again

Nick Kyrgios Taunts Novak Djokovic Again

In an interview released by the Lawn Tennis Association, Nick Kyrgios answered some of the questions over his controversies on and off the court including tanking matches, while he made fun of Novak Djokovic by asking “who is he?”

Nick Kyrgios sat down with the young reporter, Vuk at the Fiver-Tree Championships as the rain interrupted the play at the Queen’s club. Vuk grilled the Australian in a quick chat with him as the young interviewer didn’t hold back during the interview.

Nick Kyrgios

Vuk asked Kyrgios that “does he get told off when he doesn’t work hard at tennis?”

Nick Kyrgios replied that he doesn’t have a coach so he is not told to work hard by anyone. He continued, “I don’t have a coach so no one tells me anything, but yeah I should work hard.”

Vuk also asked Kyrgios that he doesn’t try to win matches sometimes. Nick Kyrgios agreed and said, “Yeah, I don’t. Yeah, makes me a bad guy though.”

Nick Kyrgios

Vuk went on to ask whether he should try the underarm service like him or not?

“If you want to,” Kyrgios said. “I think against some players it’s a good tactic but maybe just keep it nice and conventional. Don’t want to go too outside the boundaries, might get in trouble.”

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios was asked whether he is a better player or Andy Murray? Nick answered without hesitating, ” Andy Murray for sure. His record is 5-1 against me, Grand Slam champion, one of the greatest of all the time I think.

The young interviewer further noted Kyrgios to not to forget the world no. 1, Novak Djokovic. However, Nick Kyrgios just ignored it and asked “Who? Who’s that?”

Earlier, Nick Kyrgios made the headlines by calling Novak Djokovic “cringe-worthy” in an interview.

Nick Kyrgios

Vuk even quizzed Nick Kyrgios on his friendship with Andy Murray, with whom he was seen practicing prior to the Fiver-Tree Championships. Vuk asked the Australian about how did he become friends with Andy Murray?

Kyrgios said, “He just kind of kept messaging me like he was the guy that kept messaging me like do you want to hang out? Do you want to hang out? Do you want to hang out? And I was like geez this guy is like crazy high maintenance. And I thought I’d like to reply like do you want to get some dinner and then he didn’t even pay for it and then we just became friends I guess.”

Vuk further asked him, “Why didn’t Andy asked you to play doubles with him?”

Kyrgios replied, “Well, first of all, I don’t play doubles at Wimbledon because it’s best of five sets. But I think there are lots of great doubles players out there that are probably a little better than I am. I think he wants to win the Championships.”

Nick Kyrgios later revealed that the interview was probably the best part of his day.

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