Nick Kyrgios Walks Off Court Into Another Controversy

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Nick Kyrgios retired after the first set in his first round at the Shanghai open citing illnesses and a shoulder injury as the prime reason

Nick Kyrgios may face serious legal implications, after he quit his match at the Shanghai open earlier today. Just days after his dismal performance against Rafael Nadal in the finals at the Beijing open, Nick Kyrgios was in another argument with the chair umpire. He served a ban last year in Shanghai when he failed to put up his best performance against Alexander Zverev.

The Australian refused to meet the media after he stormed off the court. Kyrgios lost the first set to Steve Johnson in a tiebreak. He straight away went to the net to shake his opponent’s hand. This scenario unfolded moments after he had an argument with the Irish chair umpire Fergus Murphy. Kyrgios has released a statement shortly after the match, citing illness and a sore shoulder as the reason to retire. Tennis officials told AAP there was “an ongoing investigation”, over the reasons stated by Nick Kyrgios.

Kygios had a heated argument with the chair umpire as spectators were still being seated as he prepared to serve. He fumed “This is normal. You wait for 20 minutes to have to serve. Poor officiating by you. You are a joke. You think this place could not get any more ridiculous, s*** like this happens”. Kyrgios was heard talking to his camp in TV. He allegedly said that he would walk off the court if he lost the first set. He received two code violations for unsportsmanlike conduct. One for smashing a ball out of the court and the other for swearing at the chair umpire.

Nick Kyrgios storms off the court in Shanghai
Nick Kyrgios retired after the first set in his first round at the Shanghai open citing illnesses and a shoulder injury

Kyrgios releases statement

The consequences of his actions will be revealed in a few days, as officials investigate the entire scenario. Here is the statement that was released by Nick Kyrgios soon after the match:

“Guys, I want to apologise to the fans in Shanghai and those that watched around the world on TV today.”I’ve been battling a stomach bug for the past 24 hours and I tried to be ready but I was really struggling on the court today which I think was pretty evident from the first point.

My shoulder started to hurt in the practice which didn’t help either and once I lost the first set I was just not strong enough to continue because I’ve not eaten much in the past 24 hours. I’m hoping to be okay for the doubles and will make a decision tomorrow morning, hopefully off of a good night’s sleep which I didn’t get last night! I’m gutted to be honest as I was keen to keep the good momentum that I built in Beijing going and finish the year strong. I’ll do what I can to make sure I do.”


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