Nickmercs is Ready to Forgive Nadeshot But Not Forget

September 9, 2020 1:12 am

Popular Call of Duty streamer Nickmercs had a major falling out with 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot last year, which was perhaps one of the most talked-about disputes in the world of eSports.

Nadeshot and Nickmercs had been best of friends prior to their fallout, which is why it came as a surprise to many.

But Nickmercs recently spoke about it in his stream again and said that he is willing to forgive Nadeshot and move on. However, forgetting the incident is out of the question for him. This is what Nick said on his stream: “I forgive them, you know. But I don’t forget. It’s really tough.”

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Nickmercs and Nadeshot

The major falling out between Nadeshot and Nickmercs – the what and why

As many of the fans already know, Nickmercs has been a major contributor during the formative years of 100 Thieves. He was a major part of the 100 Thieves family, but after a while announced that he would walk away from the business.

Apparently, Nadeshot had promised him a 5% share of the company. However, he failed to keep up his end of the bargain. This is the situation as known from Nick’s side. On the other hand, Nadeshot has not commented on it since.

However, it looks like Nickmercs is currently at a stage in his life where he believes he can forgive Nadeshot for what he did. But he simply will not forget about this. On one of his latest streams, he said:

“It’s important to forgive, you know. He(Nadeshot) made some pretty stupid mistakes in my opinion. I think he knows that and I forgive them. But I don’t forget. It’s really tough… Forgive, sure. But to forget something like that, it’s just, that’s gonna be a tough one for me.”

Now, almost nothing is known of Nadeshot’s side of the story. And to deny something as big as a percentage of ownership is a huge deal. Fans would really love to see the two pros reconcile, but before both sides of the story are out, it is unfair to litter expectations like that.

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