After struggling for much of the 2019 Formula One season, Renault suddenly got its act together. They put on a strong display in Canada last week, and became the best of the rest. As an added bonus, they even beat one of the Red Bulls and got to rub it in their faces.

Now, as they head into their home race at the Circuit Paul Ricard, Renault will be hoping to carry the momentum. The French outfit will be carrying out several upgrades next weekend, with plenty of focus on the chassis.

Back in Canada, Nico Hulkenberg stormed into seventh place and is optimistic about his chances in Le Castellet. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo finished in sixth after a strong qualifying.

Speaking to the media about his chances, he said, “If you have a good package and you do a good job, that usually leads to good results. We are currently getting the most out of package we have. We started the season dramatically, but last race was of course very positive and we would like to continue that in our home race.”

Nico Hulkenberg
Nico Hulkenberg

“The top three teams are still out of reach, even though we defeated at least one Red Bull at speed last week,” Hulkenberg was positive about the last race. “We are getting some upgrades for Paul Ricard and I’m really looking forward to that. We hope that these upgrades will make us even faster and that might help us close the gap to the top three.”

However, Renault are aware that they cannot afford to be complacent after a solid result in Canada. This was evidenced by their form at the start of the season and many car failures. Hulkenberg, though, refused to blame the car for the misgivings.

The Renault driver said, “I am very optimistic and I think it is realistic to think that we can close the gap, because our package is consistent and worked everywhere we drove. associated results achieved by personal errors and technical problems and that is why I am optimistic about the rest of the season.”

Bahrain was easily the worst race for Renault