Nico Hulkenberg Has Levelled Scathing Criticism Against Circuit Paul Ricard

June 25, 2019 11:55 pm

The just-concluded French Grand Prix was Renault’s home race. It was, therefore, highly important and part of usual expectation to see something special from the two Renault drivers- Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg.

But, at the end of the day, the way the race panned out, it can’t be said that Renault had a fantastic race. While Australian driver Ricciardo was extended a penalty, on account of an unfair overtaking maneuver toward the closing stage of the 53-lap contest, one man hung in there and collected 3 useful points for the Cyrile Abiteboul-led team.

That was German driver Nico Hulkenberg, who is now an experienced hand at Renault. In collecting a fighting P8, Nico Hulkenberg continued scoring, after having endured a difficult string of finishes post the Australian Grand Prix and until the race at Montreal, an occasion where both Renault drivers finished inside the top-ten.

But that said, even a respectable finish for Nico Hulkenberg didn’t exactly quell his doubts about the venue for the French Grand Prix, an annual racing event that made a much-anticipated return to the roster last year.

It turns out that the Emmerich Am Rhein-born driver has leveled some criticism against the Circuit Paul Ricard, going as far as saying that the track perhaps brings out the ‘worst in F1!’

Now, had it been coming from some rookie driver, one may have even ignored the statement considering it to be more of an amateurish jibe. But that it comes from someone who’s won Le Mans in his maiden attempt- it can be said that- what Nico Hulkenberg said cannot be taken lightly.

Here’s what he exactly had to say about the current nature of the F1 tracks and therefore, the impact that they have in making the sport dull and often, unexciting:

They are fast, they are spectacular, but the problem is you can’t get close to a car and this is one of the worst tracks for it,” said Hulkenberg when asked about the poor spectacle by Autosport.

“It’s always third/fourth gear and the speeds are quite high. so the aero effect is just massive. That’s what I spent one and a half hours experience.

“But I think for the 2021 rules that hopefully will be addressed properly. Hopefully, we can have a track like this but with much better racing.”

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