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Nico Rosberg initially feared Michael Schumacher’s return to F1. But why is that?

Nico Rosberg initially feared Michael Schumacher’s return to F1. But why is that?

Nico Rosberg

Perhaps there are few drivers who are so vehemently debated and even chided as Nico Rosberg – a world champion, in reality, a magnificent driving talent according to some, and ‘Britney’ according to Merc fans and admirers.

Why is Nico so often targeted and made the center of vitriolic comments is something none can convincingly answer. But a thing can be said for certain.

Nico Rosberg regardless of what his critics have to say did become the 2016 F1 world champion. And he made it to the top of the world at a time where Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel were going very strong in a Mercedes and Ferrari respectively.

Interestingly, while defeating someone like Vettel, inarguably, a faster F1 car wasn’t the only feat he managed, beating his teammate, now a five-time world champion was the real icing on the cake.

Not a bold claim. Not a fancy fanboy statement either; implicit in Nico Rosberg’s rise in F1 if fanboys allow it to be said, was the steely resolve with which he accumulated the world crown.

Now, he has something to say candidly about another driver who perhaps epitomizes the pinnacle of resolve and determination.

That man is none other than his compatriot, Michael Schumacher. In a recent exclusive chat with Autosport, he shared that when he had heard of Michael’s return to the sport, he was a bit surprised. To elaborate further, the German shared the following:

“My first thought was fear.

“I had reservations about failing.

“He was sometimes really fast, even in the rain.

“He did a few performances there, that was crazy for me. Like from another planet.

“Of course, it did not help that we were so bad as a team,” he added.

image source: Essentially Sports

While Rosberg’s standing may forever be polarised, given just how many critics he’s added over the years, what can’t be doubted is the single-minded appreciation that the 7-time world champion has come to enjoy.

Forza Michael! We hope you return to good and blossoming health soon!

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