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Nico Rosberg Lost his Mirror in Singapore

Nico Rosberg Lost his Mirror in Singapore

Nico Rosberg

Back in 2014, Nico Rosberg was briefly handicapped when he lost a mirror in free practice. The 2016 world champion had been driving around when he spotted his right mirror threatening to fly off. So, the German radioed his team to inform them of his predicament. He asked them whether he should pit or not.

The team told him that if it was not a major problem, then to stay out on track. So, he reached over, took it off and held on to it for a while. When he reached a straight, he proceeded to chuck it away towards the side.

Hopefully for his sake, it did not break. Anyone who is superstitious will know that a broken mirror would mean seven years of bad luck. Fortunately for Rosberg, considering that he won the title in 2016, the mirror was intact.

Now, in 2018, his former teammate, Lewis Hamilton heads into the grand prix with a significant advantage. This is partially helped by the fact that Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has been making mistakes. In addition to that, Scuderia Ferrari have a few unpleasant memories of 2017.

That day, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen took each other out, dragging Max Verstappen with them. Yet another innocent victim was Fernando Alonso, who had made an excellent start. In the end, Lewis Hamilton triumphed from Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas. It also struck a major blow to Ferrari’s championship hopes as it was a double non-finish. To make matters worse for them, Mercedes scored a double podium to extend their lead in the championship.

But now, Ferrari will head into the coming week’s race with a fresh mindset. Kimi Raikkonen has been very consistent for the Scuderia. In addition to that, if Vettel can keep his nose clean during the weekend, he could claw into Hamilton’s advantage.

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