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Nico Rosberg Reacts to News of him Testing an F1 Car

Nico Rosberg Reacts to News of him Testing an F1 Car

When racing drivers first begin their journey, the ultimate dream is to reach Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport. More than a decade ago, Nico Rosberg was also struck by that dream. Back then, he was competing in the 2005 GP2 championship and had just clinched the championship ahead of Heikki Kovalainen.

The German driver was absolutely ecstatic to test the car and his reaction spoke volumes. Who would have thought that this fresh-faced driver would eventually make the step up in 2006 with the then quick Williams F1. Rosberg has since retired from Formula One and is living with his wife and two daughters.

His maiden podium came in 2008, in just his third season with Williams Racing. In the same year, he followed it up with a second place in Singapore. In 2010, Nico Rosberg joined the newly formed Mercedes team, alongside the legendary Michael Schumacher. The younger German driver kicked off that season with three podiums. Then, after a fairly disappointing 2011 season, with no podiums at all for him. However, in 2012, all that patience finally paid off as he seized victory in China.

Then in 2013, he was joined by Lewis Hamilton, and the two began to usher in a new age for Mercedes. However, as the years passed, his relationship with Hamilton deteriorated as fast as a stone being dropped from a skyscraper. The good news was that, after years of waiting and battling, Nico Rosberg finally got his dues, the World Championship in 2016.

Then, he stunned the world and the Mercedes team by announcing his immediate retirement from Formula One. The German driver, who celebrates his 33rd birthday, has 206 F1 starts and 23 wins to his name. Now, Rosberg often goes to the races as a guest commentator and even gives his thoughts on each race in a Youtube vlog.

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