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Nico Rosberg Responds After Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Criticism

Nico Rosberg Responds After Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Criticism

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has been in the news quite often, due to some of his opinions about the drivers. His vlogs have even caught the attention of the likes of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Now, the 2016 World Champion has responded to criticism from the two drivers and apologised. The German driver confessed that he may have to change his tone in the future.

Back when Rosberg delivered brutal assessments, former teammate Lewis Hamilton was one target. The ex Mercedes driver suggested that age has made the Briton not as sharp as it used to be. He also took a stab at Max Verstappen for crashing out of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Naturally, neither driver took too kindly to criticism from Nico Rosberg, and responded in kind. Max Verstappen even dubbed him “the new Villeneuve”, who was notorious for outrageous opinions. This latest hit back has effectively humbled Rosberg, and in his latest vlog he vowed to change his approach.

Nico Rosberg
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“One of the things I hated most when I was still active as a driver was being confronted by journalists with criticism from former drivers. In my case it was often David Coulthard. It made me crazy, really terrible,” Rosberg said.

“I like to give these analyses, but at the same time I have a lot of respect for the drivers. 

“So, as I said, I always hated it when I was confronted with criticism from former drivers. So I have to change something there. I don’t want my former colleagues, whom I have great respect for, to hear that comment from me. I will, therefore, change my tone somewhat.”

For now though, Lewis Hamilton will start alongside pole man Charles LeClerc. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen will mount a massive charge from the back of the grid after a penalty.

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