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Sebastian Vettel is cracking under pressure, according to Nico Rosberg

Sebastian Vettel is cracking under pressure, according to Nico Rosberg

Sebastian Vettel

Back in 2016, there was one driver who took it upon himself to fight Lewis. Interestingly and rather controversially so, Nico Rosberg did that with Lewis Hamilton both on and off the track. And ever since it has been Sebastian Vettel.

It’s no surprise that Nico Rosberg happens to be one of the most widely debated drivers and where Hamilton’s globetrotting army of fans are concerned, then clearly, he’s not their favorite subject of discussion- ever.

But then, post the completion of that season, the Monaco-based driver would immediately retire and harbored no intentions whatsoever to defend the title the following year.

But from that point on, if you happened to have followed the sport closely, then you may have found that Nico Rosberg has sort of become a subject of constant rabble, whether it is for his views on racing, his rivalry with former teammate Lewis Hamilton or his opinions on those who are currently on the grid.

And yesterday, post the dramatic 2019 Bahrain GP, Nico Rosberg made an interesting observation once again. This time, it was in reference to four-time world champion German Sebastian Vettel. Nico Rosberg, it ought to be said, makes no bones about sharing his views and he does so passionately so.

Sebastian Vettel
Is Vettel cracking under pressure? (Daily Express)

Nonetheless, do you have a clue as to what Rosberg had to share about his compatriot?

Here’s what you ought to know.

Senior Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel, who made many an error in the 2018 F1 season in terms of letting away great winnable positions either due to lapses in concentration or possibly since he was facing pressure- has been the subject of Rosberg’s critical assessment.

Nico Rosberg feels that Vettel is quite simply cracking under pressure. As of the 2019 Bahrain GP at Sakhir, Vettel, being challenged by Hamilton in the mid-stage of the desert duel found himself spinning off and going wide outside the track. Interestingly, there was no contact, let alone a tiny strand or hint of it.

So what had happened to Vettel?

Here are Nico Rosberg’s own words on the German driver:

Nico Rosberg
Vettel did lose an easy chance to be on the podium- didn’t he (Cyprus Mail)

“I can’t believe that we’ve seen exactly the same Sebastian Vettel today as we’ve seen throughout the past year.” That’s not all. He would go on to add, “first of all the team messes up the strategy and he gets angry, then come the race day, one wheel-to-wheel battle and he spins it away completely on his own and loses the full weekend. He needs to find a way out of that now.

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