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Nico Rosberg Takes a Dig at Lewis Hamilton After Italian GP Loss

Nico Rosberg Takes a Dig at Lewis Hamilton After Italian GP Loss

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg simply cannot stay away from the limelight can he? After a row involving him, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the 2016 champion was force to apologise. Rosberg promised to “change my tone”, but as of his most recent vlog, that apology was thrown out of the window.

He confessed that he got a little satisfaction at seeing Hamilton’s win chances in Monza diminish with a mistake.

“I was very happy to see actually he made a similar not so smart move as I did five years ago,” he said.

“I thought I was the only dumb person at the time that would go straight on at the first chicane and actually give up a place.

“To go around those polystyrene blocks takes forever. Lewis did the same and gave up the position to Valtteri which made me feel a little better for once.”

Villeneuve was furious about this move

During the race, Hamilton reported increasing wear in his medium tyres prior to the error. As a result of the fading grip, he dropped to third, after tailing Leclerc since his pit-stop. However, Nico Rosberg believed that an earlier error by Charles LeClerc ensured the victory.

“Leclerc cut the chicane and he did that much smarter than I did by jumping over those lumpy kerbs and not losing any time,” he said.

“I went straight on through the polystyrene blocks and that is how you lose a position and Lewis went on to win.”

However, it was worth noting that fellow controversial figure, Jacques Villeneuve was a bit more critical of the Ferrari driver.

“He shortened the first chicane and was further ahead at the exit than at the entrance and there was no investigation,” he revealed to Motorsport-Magazin.

“It’s hard to say this because when you tell the truth, everyone says “Oh, you’re an idiot! Why do you say something like that, we loved that!”.

“But you have to judge him the same as any other rider, and this Sunday he did a [Kevin] Magnussen, that’s the truth. He sent Lewis into the gravel.”

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