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Not Too Good For Niki Lauda! Austrian Great Niki Lauda Undergoing Kidney Transplant

Not Too Good For Niki Lauda! Austrian Great Niki Lauda Undergoing Kidney Transplant

Sebastian Vettel

In the world of F1, there are comebacks and then there’s the comeback made by Niki Lauda, well over four decades ago.

For a man who has been an example to everyone where it comes to mental toughness and resilience, perhaps this is something that not only commentators or critics but everyone connected with the sport would want.

While it’s hard to believe that Niki Lauda, a permanent presence inside the Mercedes paddock is right now anywhere but there, at some level it’s also wise to embrace the fact that he may not any longer be permanently seen beside the team, whether before, during or after a Grand Prix.

After all, the enthusiasm and love for racing and the insights that Niki Lauda brings are commendable. Isn’t it?

So the question is, what exactly is the health status of Niki Lauda and when is it that we are going to hear some good news regarding the Austrian?

Apparently, as it stands now Niki Lauda is undergoing a serious health scare, not that one wasn’t aware of it anyways. But the fact of the matter is that the kidney dialysis that he is undergoing has given rise to the rumors and soft mumbling that Niki Lauda may not be a hundred percent back in the real sense of the word.

Furthermore, that Niki Lauda may not be actually back anytime soon in the paddock as being believed is something that doesn’t seem to be a hundred percent good news.

The former Ferrari driver’s brother, Florian Lauda confirmed that the racing great was in Switzerland where he was ‘managing progress.’

During last August, i.e., 2018, Niki Lauda also underwent lung transplant and ever since then, the septuagenarian’s recovery to normality has been slow.

But here’s wishing the man who’s won three world championships a very healthy and speedy recovery.

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