Nikoloz Basilashvili’s Family Hits Back at His Ex-Wife For Blackmailing Them

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World No.27 Nikoloz Basilashvili was charged for physically assaulting his ex-wife. His ex-wife Neka Dorokashvili had revealed that he “physically assaulted” her in the presence of their five-year-old son. However, Basilashvili’s family took a dig at her ex-wife for blackmailing them.

The Georgian star was arrested on Sunday before a Tbilisi court released him on a 30 thousand dollars as bail. However, reports suggest that Nikoloz is not going to discuss anything publicly until it’ll be time for the official court hearing where he’ll defend his truth.

Basilashvili suggested that he doesn’t want to publicly criticize his ex-wife because no matter what, she’s the mother of his son Lukas. He says that his main goal is proving his innocence in a way where he won’t end up hurting his son under any circumstances.

“I am sorry and I apologize to the public for the events that took place around my family. And I feel your every support and love for which I am infinitely grateful,” said Basilashvili.

“We believe that Nikoloz Basilashvili will prove his innocence very soon” – Nikoloz’s parents

On the other hand, Basilashvili’s ex-wife Neka claimed that she simply went to get her son from his house. However, Nikoloz’s father threatened her with a knife in front of their son.

“There was no property dispute with this incident. We had completed the property dispute issue a long time ago. We ended the negotiations,” Neka told the Courier.

“I asked the child to bring it. The reason for the controversy is still unclear to me, I just went to fetch my son. An examination has been conducted and is still ongoing. I did not expect that they would release him on bail,” she added.

Subsequently, Basiliashvili’s family hit back Neka saying that this is isn’t the first time that she is trying to blackmail Nika’s career or their family. According to reports, his family also claims that she’s been causing them conflicts ever since their divorce. Moreover, she never wanted to get divorced in the first place when Nika offered to do so.

Reports also suggest that Neka tried to sue Basilashvili’s mother for domestic violence against her son after the divorce. The case also went to the court but no evidence was found.

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The statement released by Nikoloz’s parents reveals that Neka broke into Nika’s parent’s property without any invitation and tried to cause conflict without any cause. Nevertheless, there was no evidence of any violence against him, not even an attempt. Fortunately, there is a lot of evidence for this, and the court will consider it on July 16, 2020.

“The trial continues. We believe that Nikoloz will prove his innocence very soon,” the statement concluded.

We hope that the truth prevails in this case.

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