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Ninja Hits 3 Million On First Youtube Stream

Ninja Hits 3 Million On First Youtube Stream

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is perhaps one of the biggest names in the gaming world. Renowned as the gamer who mutually rose to unscaled popularity alongside Fortnite, he took to Youtube yesterday to stream live for the first time since Mixer shut up shop. After the Mixer saga, Ninja choosing a streaming platform became one of the biggest questions in the gaming world. Several fans and fellow streamers kept were kept guessing. 

For someone in Ninja’s position, they can potentially be a gem for any platform they choose. Yesterday, he did his first live stream on Youtube, and it was an instant success. A lot of people were holding on to the hope that Ninja would return to Twitch, regardless, he chose to stream on Youtube. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like he has selected a permanent platform just yet.

While fans are divided asking the question whether he has signed on with Youtube or not, Ninja did not officially announce anything. He was rather having a great time with fellow streamers. 

Ninja gets over 3 million views live streaming Fortnite on Youtube

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwsCtm3HMYc]

For his first-ever live stream on Youtube playing his favorite game, it seemed to be going great for Ninja. Over 3 million views might just make him consider joining on a permanent basis. Although, from the looks of it, he was just enjoying himself having a laugh about it. 

I only went live on Youtube to let everyone know that I am officially moving to brime time,” this was clearly a joke hinting that Ninja has not made up his mind yet. CouRage and Ninja actually started discussing strategies to trim down a video to get more viewership on Youtube. However, it looked like they’re just shooting the breeze. 

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Steam-snipers ruining the experience

This was one of the major things ‘the boys’ were talking about as several people were watching Ninja’s live-stream. In fact, every round, they faced several stream-snipers who were just ruining the experience. Although they started joking about it, it is quite frustrating.  

It was quite clear that Ninja did a great job with his first-ever live-stream on Youtube. For what its worth, it is brilliant to see our favorite streamer just live-streaming again. 

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