Ninja, MrBeast, Aim Lab and G2 Join forces to Raise $1 Million For Charity

September 1, 2020 3:59 pm

Two weeks ago, Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys started a charity bid for brands to take part in. The money raised would go to Special Effect, a charity that helps gamers with disabilities. The highest bidder would get their own character skin in Fall Guys. This enticed a lot of brands and individuals to take part in the bid. The bid concluded yesterday and saw Ninja, G2 Esports, MrBeast, and Aim Lab coming together to raise a staggering $1 million for the cause. Each one of them placed massive bids individually.

Ninja joined forces with Aim Lab and made a bid of $500,000. Eventually, MrBeast and G2 Esports chipped in and took the tally to a million dollars. While this was a great initiative to raise money for a worthwhile cause, the question remains: who will get their own skin?

Fall Guys recently took to Twitter and cleared all doubts regarding the winners of the skin.

G2, Ninja, Aim Lab, and MrBeast will get their own skins in Fall Guys

While the four highest bidders will each get their own skin, fans still let their imagination run wild and sent in submissions of what a skin combining G2, Aim Lab, Ninja, and MrBeast would look like.

While these look incredible, the developers might still stick to introducing four different skins.

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Since its launch on August 4, the rise of Fall Guys has been meteoric. It has been at the number one spot on the Steam bestseller list for almost three weeks and so far, there’s been nothing to challenge its dominance.

Developer Mediatonic deserves the success that has come with this game. Fall Guys’ simplicity has made it unique and caused it to appeal to players across all ages. Fun to play while also being extremely competitive, Falls Guys is one game that the developers truly hit the nail on the head with.

The team behind Fall Guys clearly believes that with great popularity, comes great responsibility. They’ve already done amazing things for the community that gave them so much success. Going by the fame this game has achieved so far, it has a very promising future ahead of itself.

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