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Ninja Streams on YouTube As He Shops Around for New Platform

Ninja Streams on YouTube As He Shops Around for New Platform

Fortnite battle royale pro Ninja is started streaming today on Youtube with several other friends of his. Dr Lupo, TimTheTatMan, CouRage have joined him, and from the looks of it, they are having a great time. One of their matches ended with Ninja having 11 kills while the rest had 2 kills each. 

After the Mixer issue, Ninja’s streaming future became a fascinating subject to speculate on. Currently, he is live on Youtube, and its great to see him streaming again.

“FIRST YOUTUBE STREAM EVER THIS IS LIT”, he tweeted that out before starting his stream. Honestly, it feels good to hear that banter again from our favorite Fortnite pros. It is quite clear that the choice Ninja takes for his streaming future will attract a lot of clickbait action. Nevertheless, as fans, we have to remember and respect the fact that its ultimately his choice.  

Ninja live-streaming Fortnite on Youtube

It is quite clear that he is testing the waters over at Youtube. The thing with someone as popular streamers like Ninja, they have the agency to select their platform of choice. Whether its Youtube, Twitch, or Mixer, they will attract fans in swarms. They started discussing a lot of important stuff in between the banter. Ninja said, “The longer you are away, your skill slowly deteriorates.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwsCtm3HMYc]

Whether or not he chooses to stick with Youtube, for now, is unknown. However, 108,734 watches have already started watching him. That is definitely a great start for someone trying it first time on a platform. 

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Taking his time to choose the right platform

As a fan of Ninja and Fortnite, it seems that his choice of platform is going to be quintessential. This is a topic that will reverberate throughout the internet – however, we have to remember his choice. Just a few months ago we were quite worried as Ninja did speak about Fortnite and the missing fun element. Even SypherPK had similar views on this subject. 

Thus, it is finally a relief to see that Epic Games have done their best to improve a lot from that situation. Something else that we have also heard Ninja speak about often is the size of the lobby. Players keep dying too quickly, and a 150-200 sized lobby would be perfect. Perhaps that will be one of the things that can be implemented. 

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