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Ninja’s Fortnite Tournament to Light Up Mixer

Ninja’s Fortnite Tournament to Light Up Mixer

Fortnite is now going to get a live tournament over at Mixer, thanks to Ninja. The man might take to playing other games but his undying love for Fortnite makes him the best in the game. Recently, we saw how Ninja returned to Fortnite after a hiatus. Sure, everyone has second thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that they give up. It feels like he has big plans for his Fortnite legacy.

On Twitter, the streamer announced that he is finally going to host a live competition over at Mixer. Ninja Battles – “featuring Fortnite” – will have his channel streaming the tourney. As it is an invitational series, expect some of the finest players in the lineup. The management company “Loaded” is going to integrate this in a big way, featuring stars from all over.

Fortnite tournament to be hosted by Ninja

While this looks like a spontaneous move, it has been in plans for quite some time now. Mixer was gearing up for something like this to compete with Twitch. Ninja’s position in the Fortnite community as an OG veteran makes him the perfect face for this operation.  

This might finally be the threat that Twitch fans were expecting. A Fortnite tournament on Mixer, that too with names like Ninja, Bugha, DrLupo, NickEh30, etc is surely going to make some noise. Recently the Solo Invitational Fornite Competitive at Twitch concluded, it was a success but had several issues.

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Things looking bright for Mixer

Perhaps, this new initiative from Ninja will have a possible solution for those issues – this is just starting off and the last thing it needs is problems. Ninja’s move to Mixer is culminating into him shifting as an ambassador for new things.

This opens up a lot of scopes, not only for the streaming platform but also for the game. The prize pool of this event is estimated at around $400,000. For Microsoft’s very own streaming platform, this is a game-changer. 

With Ninja at the helm of managing things, things will get pretty exciting. The date is scheduled for May 28th which will go on for 6 weeks. A new episode every week will give this competition the same enthusiasm as FNCS on Twitch.

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