Nintendo and ColourPop Send Tech YouTuber iJustine Animal Crossing Themed Makeup Products

January 26, 2021 7:13 pm

A collaboration that Animal Crossing fans would never have expected happened recently. The relaxed and decorative theme of the game is a major reason behind its success. It tickles the creative fancy of players around the world. Taking this creativity to the next level, with the efforts of Nintendo and ColourPop, Animal Crossing now enters the beauty and makeup world.

The makeup brand has introduced Animal Crossing themed products. It shipped these products out to popular influencers around the world who also dabble with games sometimes. Naturally, one of the first YouTubers to receive a kit had to be the tech reviewer, iJustine.

iJustine is a popular YouTuber who makes all kinds of content, including vlogs, product reviews, and games. Therefore, Nintendo figured this kind of promotion is right up her alley. The console manufacturer sent some ColourPop makeup products her way, and she quickly whipped up a vlog for all her fans.

Watch iJustine’s Animal Crossing makeup haul as Nintendo sends her products

ColourPop x Animal Crossing: New Horizons crossover lets people get their own DIY island makeup look. Moreover, it comes with a little note customized from Tom Nook, who all the Animal Crossing lovers know as the Nook Shop owner.

The complete pack comes with a total of 11 products, ranging from lip tint to eye shadows. Moreover, the set also comes with powder blushes and a glitter shadow. To get into the details, the set comprises four eyeshadow palettes, two pressed powder blushes, three lip tint sets, a single eyeshadow pot, and another single glitter shadow product.

Those interested can buy the products individually as well. However, the website will also offer a complete set for sale. iJustine got a similar set from Nintendo to review, and she applied some of these products for a minimalistic look. However, she agreed that the quality of the products was amazing.

The choice of colors that ColourPop has to offer is also interesting. It includes a few bright shades while also offering a couple of nude shades. The crossover set helps fans get a decent touch-up, and they can play around with the products to try out various looks.

ColourPop launches the range of products on January 28, 2021. Fans can buy them from the website when they go live.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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