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At No Man’s Land: Mario Balotelli

At No Man’s Land: Mario Balotelli

The Newcastle boss, Steven McClaren has denied any reports which indicate interest in the Liverpool man, Mario Balotelli, according to Daily Star.

The Liverpool striker, who joined the club from AC Milan last summer for  £16 million, was considered a bargain by the Reds, expecting him to show the same quality he had displayed for Manchester City. But, he failed to replicate the same, only scoring once off the 15 games he had played. He also had a clause in his signing which required him to control his behaviour, one of the prime reasons which saw him out of both AC Milan and Manchester City.

Brendan Rodgers, after having signed a multitude of players already would also want to offload his sack, and maybe he expected Mario Balotelli to be one of them, as he sensed interest from St. James Park. But it seems as if no one wants Mario. For once, everybody prefers Luigi.

Liverpool though, have signed another youngster, Bobby Adekanye, from the Barca Academy. The 16-year-old winger has been claimed to be the next Robben following his crazy skills. The Dutch kid may have a bright future with the club in one of the best Academies in England.

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