No Overseas Crowd, Biosecurity…- Australian Open Lays Out Bubble Plans for 2021 Event

July 25, 2020 3:06 pm

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, events like the US Open have implemented a lot of safety measures. This has caused a lot of fans to wonder whether such restrictions might be enforced at the Australian Open in 2021. In a recent interview, the Tennis Australia Chief Executive touched upon this point.

Australian Open 2021

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Tennis Australia Chief Executive Craig Titley talked about the 2021 Australian Open. While the US Open isn’t allowing fans, Tiley made no mention of such a restriction. However, he did admit that there would be a lesser number of spectators. He said,

“We will not hit the numbers we had last year, a record 821,000 through the gates. Our fans will be from Melbourne and Victoria state, interstate, as well as potentially New Zealanders, if they lift border restrictions. But the 15% we get from overseas will likely not be here.”

Apart from the restrictions on the number of fans, Tiley highlighted the other protocols in place at the US Open and the French Open. He said,

“They are both exploring mandatory testing, varying levels of quarantine, and limited entourages. Of course, we are looking at all these options, and more, as part of our scenario planning.”

The Tennis Australia Chief also voiced his opinion on the impact the US Open and the French Open could have on 2021 Australia Open. He said,

“If conditions improve and the U.S. Open and French Open goes well and they have positive events, it will build the confidence of the players and help us here in Melbourne next year.”

Fans all over are excited about the US Open and the French Open. Sadly, due to the scheduling, it won’t be possible for a lot of the players to play at both events. Despite this, the tennis world is hopeful that both the events will see great success and have a positive impact on the 2021 Australian Open.

Source: Associated Press

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