“Nobody’s Helping” – Noah Rubin Highlights Plight Of Lower Ranked Tennis Players

May 3, 2020 12:02 am

The lower-ranked tennis players have been disproportionately affected by the cancellation of tennis during the Coronavirus crisis. While the big stars live in luxurious mansions, the lower-ranked ones are getting through using a mortgage and other benefits funded by regular income.

However, the lower-ranked tennis players have seen a complete disruption of that income. Tournaments have been cancelled which were their only source. Support has been difficult to come by.

There were murmurings about a big relief package being unloaded. However, that only remains promise up until this point. American tennis player Noah Rubin laid down the facts in an exclusive interview with Essentially Sports.

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What did Noah Rubin say about lower-ranked tennis players?

Rubin revealed that being lower ranked meant that your daily needs were not met sufficiently.

“It’s tough, anyone outside the top 100 really will worry about the rent, how to pay their mortgage. It gets difficult as tennis is a sport you don’t make a lot of money in. It’s tough to save up money. So this why I’m trying to use this time. It will benefit tennis greatly, but it’s very difficult, there are a lot of moving parts. Anyone outside the top 100, you’re going to be dealing with financial issues.”

“For right now, nobody’s helping. It’s just how it is so a lot of the players are struggling. I’ve made a group chat of about a 100 tennis players in it somewhere between 100 and 250 in the world. Some top 100 as well. Just hearing from them and trying to get their feels and what they think we should be moving forward with.”

Noah Rubin has revealed that the lower-ranked tennis players haven’t received any financial assistance up until this point. He also brought up the Player Relief Fund at this stage. That also remains a pipe dream till now.

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“It’s been difficult to hear from them how much they’ve been struggling. I don’t know what we’re gonna be doing. Obviously, there’s a relief fund, but that’s only gonna help for a very short period of time. I think we really have to use this time to change the sport of tennis. So we take some major leaps and can do better in the long run.”

There are some serious issues being raised by Noah Rubin. His opinions are a reflection of the stark reality. Do you think the ATP is doing enough or it could be doing much more at this point and situation?

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