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“Not Born With a Silver Spoon in Mouth”-Hamilton

“Not Born With a Silver Spoon in Mouth”-Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton lifted his fifth world title this season and is only two titles behind Michael Schumacher’s record. Nicholas Hamilton, Lewis’s brother has spoken about how the two of them have fought through life to reach where they are now. Nicholas, who is now 26 years old, who is also a racer in the British Touring Car Championship, insists that having come from nothing shows their true grit and determination in their life.

“It was always our goal as a family to get him there. One title was enough and we were super, super excited and proud to be a part of it”, said Nicholas. “To see him achieve so much, especially this year, he’s breaking so many records and I’m super proud for him and to see what he’s doing.”Hamilton

“He’s such a great role model for a lot of people”, he continued. He also revealed how he and Lewis Hamilton came from an average family background. “I’m his number one fan, always have been, and I know where we’ve come from- a one-bedroom flat pretty much, not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, and look at us now with what Lewis is achieving”, he said. “It’s fantastic to see him achieve what he’s doing.”

He also spoke about how both of them have incredible fighting spirit, that ran in the family. “That’s instilled in us,” said Nicolas, who has cerebral palsy and was prescribed to a wheel chair for most of his early years.“The same with me with my condition, coming from wheelchair-bound for six years to walking unaided and racing cars. It’s the same sort of mentality that we’ve grown up with, our dad really put it in our core and we never say never or take no for an answer.”Hamilton

 “Lewis’ drive and passion doesn’t surprise me because that’s what we worked so hard for and it’s now starting to reap the rewards”, he continued. “You can’t take it for granted because Formula 1 is such a fantastic championship and spectacle that when you’re at the top you have to really embrace because in F1 it can never last forever.Lewis is really taken it with both hands and achieving as much as he can”, he concluded.

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